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Sunday, June 23, 2013

How the West Was 1!

Yesterday we had a blast celebrating our little man's 1st birthday!

Here is the invite that was sent to our closest friends and family. Thank you, Kristine Schroeder, for your amazing talent...she is AH-MAZING...seriously! Let me know if you want her info...she can do anything!

The "lootin'" table...cowboy cookie mix for the adults, cowboy hats and stick ponies for the kids...thank you, Natasha!

Cowboy cookie mix with the rubberband guns that were in the "L.T. Lofgren Shootin; Range"...unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the shooting range I set up. :o(

The centerpieces...thank you Trader Joe's for all of the FREE sunflowers...yes, there is a story behind that!

Good ol' drinking water...I made the labels myself, using Microsoft easy!

Around our patio I hung photos of Landry's first year, using twine from the Dollar Tree, clothespins I already had, and scrapbook paper I had as well.

Landry's birthday banner...with the help of my wonderful Silhouette machine, I was able to transform paper lunch sacks and old scrapbook paper into this...

The grub...we had "Tumbleweed tri-tip," "chuckwagon chili," "stampedin' strawberries," "buckaroo broccoli slaw," and "rawhide rolls."

The "sweet stuff"...Landry's cake is on top, then cupcakes from Vons...thank you Vons for rescuing me from my cupcake crisis..."Landry's Lassos" - a.k.a. red ropes, and "brandin' irons" - a.k.a. chocolate covered pretzels. All of the food labels and cupcake toppers I also made using Microsoft word and my stash of scrapbook paper!

The birthday boy's cake...cowboy hat cake topper I ordered off of Etsy!

The "wanted" gallery! I created a wanted poster for every guest at the party. For example, "WANTED: Dale "Nawnie" Kruser...crime: spoiling the birthday boy!" It was a huge hit. Everyone loved reading what their "crime" much that most of them took their poster with them! :o)

The sign on our front door...

and the sign on the door as our guests were on their way out...again, both were created using Microsoft Word and my scrapbook stash!

Our sweet, little family!

Sheriff Daddy...I made our shirts with iron on transfers...mine said Sheriff Mommy...duh!

It was a great day filled with lots of love and fun as we celebrated our little one turning one!


  1. I love your How the west was 1 party. I am chairing a fundraiser dinner for my daughters elementary school and would love to make the centerpieces that you made. Can you tell me how big of a can did you use??? Are they #10 cans or just regular coffee can size. It is very hard to judge by the picture. Also how big across were the sunflowers that you used?? We will have to use artificial ones being its a March Fundraiser and it would be to expensive to purchase real ones. Thanks in advance for you help. I can't wait to read more of your blog.

    1. I would like to know what you used for the bandana pattern around the can, and the size of the cans, also. Did you cut a bandana and glue it or was it a paper printable...something else? Thanks!

    2. Hi there! It was bandana print grosgrain ribbon. I honestly don't remember where I ordered it from. I thought I got it from Paper Mart but I can't find it on their site. The ribbon was 1.5 inches wide so I used to pieces and hot glued them to the cans. The cans were large coffee cans. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)