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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fiesta Time!

As you know, our little man turned 3 years old on Monday! We couldn't let a birthday go by without a party...I was supposed to...that was my intention...small, family dinner is what I kept telling myself. Simple dinner. Small. Nothing fancy. Just a dinner, a cake, and a few presents.

Yup...that's what I said...but what I did...well...maybe not so simple. :) Here's my problem...I get these ideas and I just "have" to run with them. Really. I do. If not I kind of drive myself crazy. So, when we knew that Chad's parents were coming down...and other relatives were asking about when the party was going to be...which on a side note is so extremely flattering as a parent...people waiting to hear about when they get to celebrate your little one...nothing feels better...I knew that I wanted to do his party on Cinco de Mayo.

In the middle of dinner one night, an idea struck...and I was so excited about it I could hardly finish my dinner...actually, I'm not sure that I did. I had to run and get the is the result:

I just e-mailed that ADORABLE pic to our closest family members...even though I was super tempted to do invites...did I mention that this was all decided about 2 weeks before his birthday. For normal people this would be plenty of time. Not joke, I started planning his 1st birthday party in September...and his 2nd birthday in November. Told you. I'm crazy. :) I also have to add that I am so thankful that I have a child who is always game for my shenanigans. :)
Party day came...and the house became a fiesta!

Simple tissue flowers and a green 3 added some fun to the dinning is Landry's favorite color for the moment.

Banner for the birthday boy!

Fun Mexican banners definitely added a festive feel to the kitchen...and patio, too!

Mini sombrero garland on the fire place

When I asked Landry what kind of cake he wanted he said, "green." Green...really? Then I asked if he wanted anything else on it..."candy...M&Ms...and lots of fire." Clearly I am not a cake decorator but I have to say that I think it turned out pretty cute. I also have to add that there is one orange M&M that was put on you can see the logo...and it is driving me crazy. :)

Who is this cute boy...waiting for the party to get started?

We had to take a picture in front of the chalkboard...which is becoming one of my favorite holiday/party decor areas. Handsome is showing us how to do "free" fingers.
"I'm free now, Mommy...I all growed up now!"

I've got good news...and bad news...I'll start with the food pictures are not so hot. Like. At all. Sorry...everything looked much yummier and more festive in person.
Now the good know one of my favorite parts of a party is naming my food. is like a fun game I play with myself. It really does bring me so much joy. Told you. I have issues! :)
Back to the food...I did a taco bar with all of the fixings!
If you didn't can "google" any word and it will give you the Spanish version. I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and remembered most of them...but there were some I had to "Google!"

After was time for some "fire" - a.k.a. candles, singing, and cake!

Landry really didn't want us to sing to his 2nd birthday he actually cried when everyone sang...but we told him that if he wanted cake and "fire"...we had to sing.

Hope he made a big wish!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our little man!

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